About Us

Handmadeshopy offer Nepal Kathmandu made clothing, wool dryer balls, cotton shoulder bags, carpets, Singing Bowls, felt ball rugs, woolens sweaters Jackets, wool hats caps and cotton fashion dress for sale. Very General

Handmadeshopy is brand under products from Nepal Art Shop Export & Import (P) Ltd. is a retail online shop.  Handmadeshopy provides almost handmade products from Nepal, India and Tibet so far (Tibetan Jewelry & Furniture/Cashmere carpets, shawls). We have handmade woolen products, felt wool products, clothing, lokta paper products, Tibetan Singing bowls, Pashmina Shawl, cashmere shawls, bags, jackets, handmade leather products, felt wool ball, wool dryer balls,  ladies dress, women wear, bell and dorje, tingsha and many more products.

Nepal Art Shop Export & Import P. Ltd.
Since - 2009
Kathmandu-Nepal (for very special volume business deals)
PH: 977 9751013346 / 9779860937940

Emails: / / / / / (purely retail shopping even for single pieces) (must 100 USD minimum purchase)