100% Cashmere Shawl & scarves wraps from Nepal

100% Cashmere Shawl & scarves wraps from Nepal

  • $115.00

100% Cashmere Pashmina shawls, scarves, Scarf and Soft Warm Tassel Wrap buy online from handmade pashmina wool products making factory in Kathmandu Nepal. Find multiple cashmere pashmina shawls & scarves: 100% Pure Pashmina shawls scarfs, Embroidery Cashmere Pashmina shawls, Natural looks cashmere pashmina shawls, print shawls and scarfs, 70% pashmina 30% silk shawls & scarves, Jacquard Pashmina, discount pashmina shawls & water pashmina shawls and scarfs. Pashmina wears are famous primarily because these products are extremely light and warm. A combination of traditional workmanship and stylish sublimity, a piece of history interwoven into elegant designs, pashmina is perhaps one of the warmest, softest, most exquisite indulgences money could buy.
What is pashmina?
Pashmina is of pure Nepal/ Tibet mountain goat wool (changra & Bheda). First of all goat/ Sheep raw wool used to be collect than purified for making pashmina thread. It’s handmade by the skilled artisans of Nepal. Pashmina is soft and cozy to wear in fashion world.
Why Pashmina Shawls scarfs and scarves wraps from us?
We are authentic Pashmina Shawls scarfs and scarves wraps manufacturer and exporter from Kathmandu Nepal. As per goat wool used there is plenty of different style of pashmina shawls and scarfs also pashmina shawls high price to low price made difference in your fashion and casual shawls and scarfs. Nepal Pashmina all over best fashion hub over New York, Sydney, Paris, Italy, Canada and some more over countries. Buy Pashmina shawls and scarf from us with good prices and your are getting direct from manufacturer. Your money is saved and you are getting best Pashmina shawls, scarf and wraps.

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